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The Company has been providing custom made solutions to businesses in South Africa since 2008. We pride ourselves in going beyond the workplace whilst facilitating development funding for small to medium businesses.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of financial management, projecting financing, business expansion and

development for small, medium and franchise enterprises, The Company is well positioned to support South African entrepreneurs.






Attorneys and advocates
Banking facilities, business overdrafts and loans
Business plans
Business efficiency auditing
Contract negotiations
ICT Expertise, financial and engineering solutions
Labour related issues
SARS tax debt reduced
Tender writing
Website development

Apply for a Personal Loan of up to R 150 000
Instant Approval
Personal & Consolidation Loans
Apply for a Personal or Business Loan Including a Business Revolving Credit Facility
Between R 50 000 and R 1 000 000
Personal and Business Credit Card Loans
3 Day Turnaround time
You can qualify for up to R 300 000
Do you need extra cash?
With a Credit Card Loan
We can help you make a perfect life an affordable one.
If you earn between R 10 000 and R 100 000 you can qualify
for up to R 100 000 in our Credit Card loan.



Business Finance, Credit Card Loans, Personal Loans & Consolidation Loans


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